The Thermal Spa Of “Yesterday”

At the beginning of the 80s, the municipal administration promoted the collection, the scientific research and the study on two waters of the municipal territory. Various hypothesis about the great therapeutic effects of these waters for thermal activity have been made.

The sulphurous water Terro collected in 1980 and the calcium – bicarbonate water Tre Santi collected in 1982 have allowed the thermal spa to widen its therapeutic offer with the introduction of inhalation and balneotherapy treatments.

Thanks to numerous springs of mineral water with different features, Sarnano has become an important touristic centre as well as a well-known thermal centre in the Marche region.

In the last years a physiokinesitherapy centre, a rehabilitation centre and a wellness centre have been opened.

Since 2000, Terme di San Giacomo has constantly widened its departments with innovative and state of the art equipment, promoting at the same time the whole thermal Park thanks to the health and fitness paths organised in the pine forest. In this Park, guests can admire a deep canyon created over the centuries by the erosion of Terro River. On the bridge that connects the two sides of this canyon, it is possible to be amazed by a waterfall particularly suggestive during flood periods of the river.

Especially in summer, guests visiting our thermal park can enjoy the local entertainment (evening events and piano bar during the day), sport activities (tennis and lawn bowling courts) as well as a small but well equipped space for children. Last but not least, the park offers the opportunity to enjoy the pure air and the real relax in specifically tailored green spaces.