The therapeutic qualities of San Giacomo water have been discovered in 1923, during the realization works of the new bridge on the Terro River alongside the road Sarnano-Gualdo. Workers engaged in these hard manual works quenched them thirst with the water pouring out from two ancient caverns located near the new bridge. Workers started to note positive effects coming from this water and talked about it with a great curiosity.

The fellow citizen Enrico Ricciardi, stated that the therapeutic effects of Our water, which could be noted on the workers, were the same or also better than the ones of the already well known waters of Terme di Acqua Sparta.

This discovery aroused the interest of the lawyer Delio De Minicis, Podest of Sarnano, who decided to begin studies and experiments on the water. Thanks to these studies, in 1930 the Health Minister recognised the particular qualities of the water. After this acknowledgment, it became San Giacomo water, in honour of the Saint San Giacomo who lived in this area until his death in 1476.

The studies were ordered by the eminent Professor Silvestro Baglioni, teacher of physiology at the University of Rome. He accepted with pleasure to offer his health counselling after having tested the water at his university. The prestigious name of professor Baglioni attracted to water springs a lot of visitors.

The thermal activity with mineral water treatments started at the beginning of 1932.

Two temporary taps, installed in an area near the bridge provided to workers the precious water.

Since its origins, San Giacomo water has been recognised as one of the best Italian waters for the cure of kidney stones and blood diseases.

Ancient manifesto that eloquently describes the phases for bottling and selling of water: publication of Mrs
De Minicis, 25th August 1969.