Oligo Mineral Calcium-Bicarbonate Water “TRE SANTI”

It complements the already known mineral water “S.GIACOMO”. Its poor content of magnesium and bicarbonate, the scarce kidney reabsorption and the chemical equilibrium of its trace elements facilitate digestion, diuresis and elimination of uric acids in excess.

Mineral water therapy

It should be drunk slowly and without a meal, after medical visit and prescription, in a defined quantity varying from one to four litre/day. Even if it has some features similar to the previous mentioned water, Tre Santi water is different for its scarce concentration of sodium and for its strong diuretic activity very important for diseases of urinary tract. It contains also magnesium in smaller quantities that favours digestion.

The regular use of at least two litres of Tre Santi water per day corresponds to the calcium’s quantity contained in a glass of milk (100 g). This means that it is particularly suitable for diseases requiring the intake of ionised calcium (Ca++), as for example bone growth of children and calcium deficiency in old people (osteoporosis) if these patients cannot assume milk and milk derivative

Balneoterapy for osteoarticular diseases

There is a strong relation between ions of bicarbonate and calcium that after being absorbed by the skin reach directly the bone structure to settle there. This process is enabled by the bloodstream.

The possibility of absorption of the elements contained in water is enhanced by hydro massage as well as by external stimulus: thermic stimulus, hypertonia, pressure, dwell time of the immersed body. All cutaneous inherent factors have to be considered as for example sebaceous secretion and perspiration, enzyme activity, layers of panniculus adipose and oedema.

Also general inherent factors as humoral conditions, hormonal elements have to be taken into consideration. Among these factors, the trophic clutch of hydro massage has primary importance. Similarly to manual massage, the hydric pressure on body produces movement and heat on all underneath layers. Heat is absorbed, while movement provokes active hyperaemia, capillary erythema, activation of venular circulation, release of vasoactive substances and adrenergic stimulations.

Balneotherapy for vascular diseases and aesthetics

Balneotherapy through underwater massage with single jet at 1/3 atmospheres directly managed by a specialised operator, is also particularly suitable for situations of peripheral vascular diseases with or without oedema.
Ozonisation of thermal water is mostly recommended in situations of scarce circulation in cutaneous tissue. The ozone (O. ) released at tissue level enhances the oxygenation of tissue where it has settled.

The jet used as deep massage of cutaneous subcutaneous tissues of legs, from soles of the feet to groin area creates a real lymphatic drainage that drains all lymphatic liquids in the venous stream. This hydro massage induces a thermic effect and enhances active hyperaemia, capillary vasodilatation, activation of venular circulation and favouring consequently the elimination of metabolites from cutaneous tissues’ cells.
In this way happens a metabolic drainage consisting in a transportation of liquids and metabolites from tissues to skin through blood with subsequent sweating elimination caused by vasodilatation.

In aesthetics, hydro massage prevents cellulite toning up tissues and making them more elastic.