Oligo Mineral Magnesium Bicarbonate Calcium Water “S. GIACOMO”

San Giacomo water has this name in honour of the famous Franciscan San Giacomo della Marca, who predicated for a long time in these places. Regionally and nationally, this is a widely known water since 1923 thanks to its marked ionic equilibrium and its extreme bacteriological purity.

Mineral water cure

San Giacomo water is a mineral magnesium bicarbonate calcium water. It is neutral and it contains an optimal quantity of magnesium, potassium, traces of lithium and other minerals in smaller quantities. Thanks to its characteristics, it is easily absorbed by the digestive tract and consequently channelled to kidney and liver.

Because of its low content of sodium and of its weak mineralisation, this is an exceptional drainage water that provokes a good diuresis with washing action for urinary tract and local antispasmodic effect. Moreover, it stimulates the increase of uric acid’s metabolism, avoiding the formation of crystals that can settle in the urinary tract and can form kidney stones and gravel. Used in the mineral water cure, San Giacomo water is suitable for kidney stones and gravel, chronic and acute inflammations of urinary tract (pyelitis, cystitis, urethritis etc.), results of glomerulonephritis, typical and atypical gout.

It should be drunk slowly and without a meal, after medical examination and prescription, in a defined quantity varying from one to four litre/day. It has also a stimulating action on the digestive and hepatic system, favouring so the bile secretion.

It improves the digestion and it is suitable for dyspepsia and calculous gall bladder. San Giacomo water can also produce laxative effects, especially in people affected by gastrointestinal atony and constipation connected to stress and indigestion.

For these properties, for the presence of bicarbonate ions and for low content of nitrates, it is recommended to dissolve milk powder during young children’ weaning.