Mineral Salt-sulphurous Water “TERRO”

This water has been collected in the 80s in Pianello area, in Sarnano. It belongs to the wide family of sulphurous waters, more exactly, to the group of salt-sulphurous waters that boast an ancient tradition in the history of medical hydrology thanks to high therapeutic properties.

Hydrogen sulphide is the active element of these waters that have to be used directly at the spring and not in bottle because the hydrogen sulphide, if it is bottled, tends to bind to other ions forming salts, which make the water scarcely effective for therapeutic use.

In the inhalation cures, it is particularly suitable for chronicle diseases of respiratory system (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, catarrhal chronic bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema etc), for otolaryngology diseases (chronic rhinitis, hypertrophic and atrophic rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis, chronic tonsillitis, chronic laryngitis, dysphonia of smoker people, recurrent tracheitis, rhinogenic deafness and otitis of middle ear). In the balneotherapy it is suitable for rheumatic diseases (chronic arthrosis and arthritis, aftermath of articular injuries, skull fractures and extra-articular rheumatism), for skin diseases (acne, allergic erythema, eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis etc.). In the gynaecological cures, it is suitable for: vaginitis, kraurosis vulvar, adnexitis, catarrhal cervicitis of various origin, secondary infertility.

The salt-sulphurous water Terro has been approved by the Italian National Health Service for balneotherapy, inhalation treatments, rhinogenic deafness and gynaecological diseases through vaginal douches.

BALNEOTHERPY – Balneotherapy is practised through the immersion of body for about 15 minutes in baths fuelled with thermal sulphurous water that it is usually kept at a temperature varying from 35° to 38°. In rheumatic diseases, balneotherapy relaxes muscles, reduces joint tenderness and stimulates blood microcirculation. In dermatology, it has a keratolytic, keratoplatic, antiseborrheic and anti-inflammatory action and it is particularly effective for treatment of burn’s consequences.

The round of treatment is made of 12 bathing, eventually integrated by massage therapy program or painkiller rehabilitation therapy, mostly used in case of rheumatic diseases.

INHALATION THERAPIES – sulphurous inhalation cures are particularly suitable for chronic hyper secretory diseases of lower and upper respiratory tract. The mucolytic, eutrophic and immunostimulant action of waters on mucous membranes, makes the inhalation therapy a very good action for prevention and cure of respiratory diseases.

The bactericide and decongestant action of thermal waters helps not only to re-establish compromised functions, but it is effective as preventive therapy.

These cures can be practised in different ways:
Inhalations – sulphurous water is shattered in big particles (around 100 micron of diameter and conveyed by a steam current. Patient stays in front of the dedicated device at a distance of around 40-50 centimetres from the dispensing nozzle. Patient inhales this sulphurous steam that goes to the upper and medium airways at a temperature of about 38°.

This procedure has to be repeated one time per day for a minimum of 12 days.

This treatment is particularly recommended for disease of upper airways and bronchial branches and of middle ear. It is associated to aerosol, nasal douches, nebulisations and insufflations tube tympanic according to diseases.

Aerosol– mineral water is divided in homogeneous particles of small dimensions with a diameter of ¾ micron, in order to reach the last branches of bronchial tree, in the cavities of sinus and middle ear. Water particles are introduced nose-only or orally through the nasal fork, mask and snorkel.

This procedure has to be repeated one time per day for a minimum of 12 days. It is recommended for disease of upper and lower airways and of middle ear. It is usually associated to inhalations, nasal douches, humage, nebulisation, insufflations tube tympanic according to diseases.

Nebulisation – mineral water, transformed in mist, is given to patient in a dedicated environment saturated with 30/40 micron water particles that penetrate deeply in the respiratory tract. This treatment has to be practised in a collective space.

Humage – Sulphurous water as gas can be used. It saturates the environment with hydrogen sulphide. This treatment can be collective as well as individual and it is particularly suitable for children and old people.

Both therapies are recommended for diseases of lower airways and can replace inhalations in cases of bronchial asthma and BPCO (bronchopneumonia chronic obstructive). In this case, humage can be associated to aerosol. As adjuvant in paediatric disease, it can be combined with inhalations and aerosol.

Nasal douches – thermal water is introduced, thorough a small probe, in the nasal cavities in an alternative way, so that water penetrates from a naris and comes out from the other one. This kind of washing allows the cleansing and the stimulation of mucous membranes, releasing them from crusts and stagnate secretions.

This stream of thermal water provokes an immediate fluidization and washing of secretions in the nasal cavity and in the nasopharyngeal district, allowing also the cleansing of secretions in the paranasal sinus and in the tubal ostium.
To correctly practise the nasal douche, patient have to ben head forward and laterally, placing the beaker and alternating between right and left nostril.
This is the best therapy to integrate and enrich inhalation cures, making them more effective and lasting.

It is particularly recommended in rhinopathy crusted and in hyper secretory disease of upper airways, in hypertrophic, vasomotor and allergic rhinitis.

Endotympanic Insufflation – the sulphurous gas is channelled directly in the Eustachian tube and in the tympanic cavity with different methods according to the age of patient and to the anatomic features of interested parties (politserisation or tubal catheterization). Since ear diseases are strictly connected to upper airways diseases, it is necessary to associate endotympanic insufflations to inhalation cures (catarrhal otitis, children and adult tubal stenosis).

In fact, the course for rhinogenic deafness combines endotympanic insufflations with one or more inhalation treatments (inhalations, aerosol, nebulisation etc.) and requires the preventive audiometry of doctor.

Vaginal douches – the active substances of thermal waters are useful for the health and the wellness of women. Vaginal douches are particularly suitable to tackle inflammations (hyper secretive and dry vaginitis, vulvitis, adnexitis), sterility, outcomes of hysterectomy and dryness of genital tract during menopause. Vaginal douches favourites the natural re-establishment of PH element and bacterial flora. Vaginal douches are usually followed by a sulphurous hot bath.