Inhalation therapies

cure inalatorie

Sulphurous water is used for hearing diseases and chronic diseases of respiratory system thank to its stimulating and thinner action for catarrhal secretion with subsequent cleansing of mucous membranes and thanks to its strong antimicrobial and antibacterial power.
There are different methods in this kind of therapy.

Some inhalation therapies are very effective on children.

IInhalation with direct jet: sulphurous water is warmed and it is pulverized in steam drops of about 100 u of diameter that settle in the upper.

Aerosol: in the equipment with flowing water, water is micronized in parcels of 1-2 u that can spread reaching pulmonary alveolus.
The lenght of these therapies is of about twelve minutes each session.

Politzer – insufflations: sulphurous gas is used also for therapy of rhinogenic deafness.
Through a probe, the gas is directly inflated into the Eustachian tube and in the cavity of middle ear, where exerts its anti-catarrhal and anti- inflammatory power acting on the tympanic membrane and ventilating again the middle ear and consequently improving the auditory faculty.

Nebulization:it is used in the medium respiratory diseases and it is practised colletively in a big dedicated environment with dispensers conveying micronized sulphurous water as small drops of 50-60 u.
The presence in the nebulization room varies according the cases from 15 to 30 minutes.

Nasal douches: as un-vapirozed water, sulphurous water is particularly suitable for hyperthophy of turbinates strongly marked in the hypertrophic and allergic rhinitis and in sinusitis.

Humage: this is a therapy practised with sulphurous gas produced by the bubbling of sulphurous water that provokes the release of hydrogen sulphide acid in the air.